** 4 Items Home Inspectors Can’t Evaluate **

Hidden flaws. Inspectors check for what they can physically see without having to move anything. Therefore, they may not be able to say whether the foundation is cracked behind the wood paneling or an electrical plug behind a sofa isn’t working. Inspectors should note if they are unable to evaluate a critical component of the home. Evaluations of pools or septic systems. Specialists may be required to come in to take a closer look at certain aspects of the home. Inspectors are not certified to inspect everything, they are considered “General Practitioners” Termites, Rats, Mold.  Inspectors can see maybe a sagging floor (termites), shredded insulation or droppings (rat, squirrels?) Dark discoloration on walls (mold?)  When these are noted, specialists need to be called in.  Unnecessary repairs. Inspectors may take note of every little flaw in a home, from chipped paint to window scratches. Buyers shouldn’t necessarily freak out if their inspection report contains pages of items. A real estate professional can talk them through what could affect their offer and what is just normal wear and tear.

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