Where are the offers? How to avoid the overpricing mistake! Part 2

The real value of their home that seller’s must understand is that the listing price is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay for it in today’s LOCAL real estate market. Listen to your Realtor, they have the knowledge, skills and understanding to list your home at the correct price to get it sold.

What if you as the seller want to receive a certain amount of cash from the sale of your home at closing? This is another critical point in pricing. What the seller wants to receive at the closing table doesn’t affect the home’s market value; buyers are only concerned with what they are willing to pay.

This fact is painful for some sellers to accept because they might be counting on money from the sale of the home to go toward the purchase of their dream home. If they cannot grasp this reality, then the listing will not be an easily marketable one. 

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